Spoorlijn 64 > where?

'Spoorlijn 64' is located in Langemarkstraat 32 in Zonnebeke. Previously this street was called Statiestraat. About 2 km further on, you’ll find Passchendaele and the centre of Ypres is only a 10 km ride from here.
The pub is located next to the old railwaystation of Zonnebeke which was built in 1868. Obviously, railway lines were big targets during the War as they could supply troops and munitions of defeat. The station in Zonnebeke was attacked in the First World War.
During this War the pub was called 'Estaminet à la Station' and was situated at the crossing of railroad 64 and the street 'Statiestraat'.
On this exact location, you’ll now find ‘Spoorlijn 64’

Estaminet "A La Station", the current Spoorlijn 64 during the period from 1914 to 1918. Located next to the old station Zonnebeke

The road Statiestraat, the current Langemarkstraat with left in the front Estaminet "A La Station" in the period 1920 - 1940

The crossroad at the statiestraat with railway 64 at the new station, in the period 1940 - 1960

The station of Zonnebeke before, after the first worldwar and as fire department