Spoorlijn 64 > Why?

Simply because the pub is located along the old railroad bed of railway 64. This railway was opened on the 12th of April 1868. During the First World War it had a strategic role and was constantly put under fire. The Allies mainly used the railway to deliver troops and goods from Ypres and Poperinge. The Germans used the railroad to deliver goods and troops from Roeselare.
As a result, the Germans placed bunkers along the railway line between Roeselare and the front in Passchendaele. On the battlefield, the tracks were defended by the German heavy "Stellung". The tracks were reconstructed when the War was put to an end.
The railway finally closed in 1970. The Road to Passchendaele was a track used by troops marching between Zonnebeke and Passchendaele. Thousands of soldiers crossed the line and most of them didn't come back alive. The last remains of the railroad are to be found on the Keerselaarshoek near Tyne Cot Cemetery in Passchendaele.

Railway 64 in the first worldwar at Zonnebeke

Disposal of dead and wounded soldiers through railroad 64, The Road to Passchendaele, October 1917

Landing of ammunition through railway 64, during the Battle of Passchendaele


The last remnants of railroad 64 on the Keerselaarshoek around the Tyne Cot Cemetery in Passchendaele